MUT and UTS discussion regarding their 2+2 special program.
MUT shakes hands with JCU to Develop its 2+2 curriculum.
MUT shakes UNSW hands to discuss and signs MOU for cooperation on the special 2+2 project
Ajarn Pornpan Phookaiyaudom Support the budget for planning Children’s Day activities.
Happy New Year 66 To all “Mahanakorn” students.
Congratulations, Vice President of Mahanakhon who has been appointed as a director of the NBTC.
Professor Dr. Vissanu Meeyoo joined the international conference APLAS 2022.
Sign a cooperation agreement with TusPark WHA to drive engineering education
Meeting with the Consul-General in Sydney
“EV Industry in Thailand and The Next Generation to Come” Electric vehicle industry in Thailand and the face of THIS next generation
2 Units of Mahanakorn University of Technology and TusPark WHA shakes hands, ready to collaborate with China and Thailand to create engineering and technological professionals.
Mahanakorn University of Technology Joins to show potential in the work. Byond Mobile 2022
MUT and UTS discussion regarding their 2+2 special Satellite image of Typhoon Noru (wish) By Thai Phat Satellite Research Center Mahanakorn University of Technology.
Mahanakorn University of Technology organized a seminar “Thailand66 Transforming towards Sustainability” on Thursday on 8 September 2565 at the Mahanakhon Museum Building