Course Civil Engineering Civil Engineering is the oldest form of engineering science and has been popular and crucial in every era. The Civil Engineering profession plays a huge role in the development of various infrastructures and also on the progress of the country. Moreover, all civil engineers must have a license in order to operate since it involves and is responsible for public safety. This leads to a continuously demand of large numbers of the profession in order to meet the constant development of the country’s infrastructure and the country’s prosperity.
Course Communication and Electronics Engineering Nowadays, communication and electronics can be considered as the medium to drive industrial systems both domestically and internationally. It’s not just in the industry where communication is important. Even in everyday life, communication is just as important. Wireless communication is increasingly common nowadays. Especially communication via telephone and the internet which often involves transmission lines as a forwarding signal for the most efficient communication, making it faster and more efficient. Which all involves the work from engineers from this field.
Course Computer and AI Engineering The course covers the foundations of Software, Hardware and Network as well as other forms of technology. Considering the fact that AI has exponential growth in the last couple of years and its upcoming demand in the IT industry, An International College of Engineering is introducing B. Tech. – Computer Science & Engineering (Artificial Intelligence). Artificial Intelligence is a branch of Computer Science that focuses on creating intelligent machines that work as human beings and replicates intelligent behavior.
Course Digital Marketing Globalization and the role of the internet in business demand new strategy and method to develop new markets. Marketing professionals must be well-versed in the business and art of digital marketing. These people possess the knowledge and the skills necessary to harness the power of the Internet for the purpose of creating effective internet campaigns; email advertising campaign, community blog, web page, social media posting, and more. The demand for knowledgeable and experienced digital marketing professionals is growing exponentially especially those who can do it at global scale using English language as medium.
Course Global Logistic and Industrial Management The aim of this program is to develop professionals who can handle logistics and material flow in global scale. The present industry seeks graduates, who can manage purchasing, logistics, transport, and manage supplies for commerce and production. This profession requires coordination between companies in handling goods through information system and data base. The demand of this profession is increasing as the e-commerce is in global scale and needs to transport goods at the right time and place.
Course Management and Digital Entrepreneur This course aims to empower new generation entrepreneurs to build their own businesses with the help of technology for systematic resource management. To be able to manage personal and organizational task together effectively and efficiently through entrepreneurship practice. The ability to learn and create a start- up or SME business that responds to the constant changes in the industry in this era and also the future, is placed at heart through the development of this course.
Course Mechanical Engineering Mechanical engineering is an essential professional field for the development of a country and is involved in nearly all operations in a lot of industries. Mechanical engineering is not only about machinery. Under MUT, students study the fundamental principles of thermodynamics, energy and properties of pure substances such as gases, liquids and solids. Mechanical engineering is still in demand in industrial operations in every country. This course will be most suitable for those who favor mechanical systems, robotics, machinery, engine systems.
Course Process Engineering At present, there are a lot of industrial factories in Thailand which still continues to increase every year. Each factory then also produces different products, being from cosmetics, tires, equipment parts up to ready-to-eat products. Therefore, the production process, materials, chemicals and substances involved all differs from one to another. With this in mind, the ability to balance all these and not cause harm to the consumers and the environment is crucial.