Course Business Administration in Management The Doctor of Business Administration(DBA) program at Mahanakorn University of Technology (MUT) is a professional doctorate degree that can be attained through advanced study, comprehensive examinations, project work and profound research in business administration.
Course Civil Engineering Our goal is to generate PhDs of the highest calibre. This entails holding a deeper and broader leadership position in civil engineering, having the capacity to conduct analysis of many circumstances and generate new information. Incorporating and disseminating this information at a higher level through communication, economic, communicative, moral, and ethical capacities are also present. Also, this will promote more attentive and thoughtful global innovation.
Course Electrical Engineering The goal is to develop a productive level of PhDs that will extend each area of knowledge on a global scale. Establishing a moral graduate career route that leads to an inventive job that may benefit a prosperous community and, most importantly, the graduate’s career life.
Course Mechanical Engineering Our objective is to produce mechanical engineering PhDs of the greatest calibre, who are knowledgeable at a deeper level. Coupled with the capacity to assess circumstances and apply that understanding on a global scale. Involves creating a manufacturing method, a sustainable industrial system, constructing an industrial robot, etc. With a loving approach towards mechanical engineering, creating a successful and well-liked industrial machine for further social purposes.