“Thailand 66 Transforming into Sustainability”

DATE 1st January 2023
TIME 08:00

Mahanakorn University of Technology organized a seminar “Thailand66 Transforming towards Sustainability” on Thursday on 8 September 2565 at the Mahanakhon Museum Building to jointly brainstorm ideas, analyze and share suggestions from all sectors under unusual world conditions But the nation could not stop developing. It will be the most beneficial for Thailand. The event was honored by Mr. Abhisit Vejjajiva, Former Prime Minister, who gave a special speech on the topic of “Reconciliation and Reconciliation. and Dr. Kobsak Pootrakool, Senior Executive Vice President of Bangkok Bank Public Company Limited and Chairman of the Thai Capital Market Council, Mr. Natthaphong Punthakiertpaisarn Advisor to the Anti-Money Laundering and Narcotics Commission and Advisor to Mahanakorn University of Technology, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Yuttaporn Isarachai, Political Science Program Sukhothai Thammathirat Open University as a guest speaker in this seminar

Assistant Professor Dr. Panavy Phookhaiyaudom, President of Mahanakorn University of Technology said at the opening of this seminar in our view which is a specialized university that aims to create high-quality graduates ready to use We are responsible for the future of thousands of students. believe in the metropolis and choose to study with us We have to bring a team of thousands of personnel. Overcome countless obstacles, both problems aging society The problem of the decrease in the population of young people during school days due to the declining birth rate This will result in a decrease in manpower to be fed into production and service lines, while EEC Announced plans to demand tens of thousands of high-skilled workers and this figure will multiply every year. Causing us to turn to consider the age labor force.30 years and above35 million people who are in the middle of their careers to have the opportunity to reskill or upskill to supplement the story of AI Automation and Robotics Etc. Now the university is ready for this and we have also done our duty to create quality graduates. to create national economic productivity and sustain society, that is, we must meet the needs of the business sector and the industry that we will feed human resources to and must answer the questions of students Why did you choose to study in Mahanakhon? Up to now, we are proud to learn that Our curriculum and teaching process is designed and developed by highly qualified teachers. There are hearings from businesses and industries that help identify skills. that want to use from our graduates Another outstanding feature of the curriculum is that it is flexible. Modular It can be easily adjusted according to suitability and according to the ever-changing social context. Most of our teachers have worked and played a key role in business and industry. Therefore, there is a network relationship with the job market.

Whether we go through a crisis or suffer from the epidemic problem war in Europe fuel and consumer goods prices rose rising inflation but we are all Thai people. I still hope to see that Next year, the Thai economy will flourish. And after listening to the discussion, Mahanakhon will have the willpower to endure and keep fighting, the rector said in the end.