Oxford Brookes University: Motorsport Engineering and a Spectrum of Honors Degrees

DATE 20 February 2024
TIME 11:00

Start a specialized academic journey with Oxford Brookes University, renowned for its expertise in motorsport engineering. Positioned as one of the leading institutions in this field, Oxford Brookes is a key collaborator in MUTIC’s 2+2 Program. In this leg of the academic odyssey, students gain access to the cutting edge of motorsport technology, preparing them for a future in this dynamic industry. Oxford Brookes University offers a distinctive advantage with five honors degree engineering programs, including mechanical engineering, motorsport engineering, automatic engineering with electric vehicles, mechanical engineering design, and motorsport technology.

Within this academic haven, students benefit from a practical approach to learning, emphasizing real-world applications. The university’s commitment to innovation and excellence solidifies its status as a pivotal destination for engineering enthusiasts.