“EV Industry in Thailand and The Next Generation to Come” Electric vehicle industry in Thailand and the face of THIS next generation

DATE 1st January 2023
TIME 08:00

The result of a trilateral collaboration between the Office of the Vocational Education Commission (VEC), Great Wall Motor Manufacturing (Thailand) Co., Ltd., and Mahanakorn University of Technology with the aim of researching, designing, and creating cutting-edge automotive training equipment using actual vehicles and create a collection of courses. Given to technical colleges with a science-based curriculum are tested to strengthen the abilities of students in vocational education institutions as well as the development of electric-powered agricultural machinery.

This occasion, Mahanakorn University of Technology hosted a seminar on the subject of “EV Industry in Thailand and The Future Generation to Come.” On Thursday, November 3, 2022, at the Mahanakhon Museum Building (Mahanakorn the Museum of Arts and Technology: MMAT), Mahanakorn University of Technology, the electric car sector in Thailand and the face of THIS future age will be unveiled. which was acknowledged by Prof. Dr. Vissanu MeeYoo, Vice President for Research and Innovation and Vice President for International Affairs, as well as Mr. Khanchit Chaisupho, Vice President of Corporate Affairs and Government Relations, Great Wall Motor Manufacturing (Thailand) Co., Ltd., Ajarn Annop Jai-Ua, Chonburi Technical College, and Ms. Garnjana Pawakranond, Chief Operating Officer of Mahanakorn University of Technology International College.

Furthermore, the university It is also getting ready to organise an initiative to make outdated batteries functional once again. In line with the initiative to switch from internal combustion engines to this. By transporting a battery that has been manually revived by university researchers to be put in passenger vans, pick-up trucks, and small minibuses, which, through repeated testing, has been shown to be successful according to the target as high as 90% quite.