Mahanakorn University of Technology by Asst. Prof. Dr. Panavy Phookhaiyaudom, Rector MOU with the Thai Printed Circuit Board Association (THPCA)

DATE 24th March 2022
TIME 08:00

Mahanakorn University of Technology (BUT)by Asst. Prof. Dr. Panavy Phookhaiyaudom, RectorMOU with the Thai Printed Circuit Board Association (THPCA) By Mr. Pithan Ongkosit, President of the Association on 23 March 2022 with executives of both parties and Deputy Secretary-General of the Office of the Board of Investment (BOI) Sonklin Ploymee.

The purpose of the MOU is partly to develop personnel of both parties in the electronics industry to have potential. and jointly drive production potential Production technology and assembly of printed circuit boards in the country to be more advanced.

Including having the plan to build Academy to train and give certificate Standards related to electronic printed circuit boards (Printed Circuit boards) Incidentally, Thailand is the number one industrial base for manufacturing and distributing printed circuit boards in Southeast Asia and the top in the world. THPCA There are more than 100 members who are involved in the electronics industry in the country. The 200 cooperation will help develop personnel in the business and industry in the electronic circuit in the long run. Helping Thailand to be strong in the electronics industry sustainably.

The activities that will take place from MOU This will be supervised by the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineering. Mahanakorn University of Technology with Assoc. Prof. Dr. Atikom Raksabutr, Senior Vice President for the Electrical and Electronic Engineering Institute be the team leader.