MUT singning ceremony with GWM (Thailand) and Vocational school

DATE 11th August 2022
TIME 08:00

On 25 July 2022 Ministry of Education, The Office of the Vocational Education, Mahanakorn University of Technology and Great Wall Motor Manufacturing (Thailand) Co. , Ltd. jointly signed a Memorandum of Understanding on academic cooperation in developing student skills. and instructors at the High Vocational Diploma level (High Vocational Certificate) in electric vehicles as well as jointly study and design to develop prototypes of modern automotive training kits from real cars, with Khunying Kalaya Sophonpanich, Deputy Minister of Education presiding over the ceremony on 25 July 2022 at the Rachawanlop Conference Room, 2nd floor Ratchawanlop Building Ministry of Education

Assistant Professor Dr. Panavy Phookhaiyaudom, President of the Mahanakorn University of Technology talked about this collaboration that the Mahanakorn University of Technology has knowledge and expertise from studies, research, and brian power that will continue to develop prototypes of modern vehicles made by Thai people as well as developing a curriculum to create vehicles of the future at the bachelor to doctorate level. Therefore, there is an interest in responding to important policies and the country’s urgency to co-creating a workforce of highly skilled technicians to support the modern automotive manufacturing industry. This is with the valuable advice of adults in education and the manufacturing industry make the opportunity of university to exchange opinions with the Secretary-General Board of Vocational Education or Vocational Education until the conclusion that Mahanakorn should be able to create training sets as a model for the two colleges of Science-Based Technology and another college of agriculture. The concept of this project shines into reality When Mahanakhon allied with Great Wall Motor Manufacturing Thailand Co., Ltd., a company that produces and sells cars. The majority of the People’s Republic of China There is coordination, discussion, and linking ideas. Operational guidelines to support each other To develop a curriculum or subject, as well as create teaching materials that are prototypes of training sets. For use in building necessary skills for students, students at the level of Diploma or Diploma level of the country.

The cooperation project to develop prototypes of modern automotive training equipment from real cars happened with huge objectives is,

1. To jointly study, design and create prototypes of modern automotive training equipment from real cars two sets to deliver to the Science-Based Technology Vocational College, Chonburi, and Suranaree Technical College with a training manual and Lab sheet for use in teaching and learning and used to assess the practice of necessary skills of learners.

2. To study together and modify agricultural machinery with motor and battery power sources from spare parts of electric vehicles to deliver – Lamphun College of Agriculture and Technology Bio-Agriculture and Agricultural Industry, along with a manual for the application process of adapting agricultural vehicles according to the above concept and a guide to assess the practice of necessary skills of a learner

For operational guidelines, Assistant Professor Dr. Panavy Phookhaiyaudom gave details that the VEC, by representatives of the college, and both three locations will provide information specifying requirements. Get a training kit prototype to try out. And inform the results of using the training kit to Mahanakhon to improve the prototype as well as various manuals, the Great Wall Motor Company will support the exchange of information, give advice, educate about the properties of parts, and training of the company’s standard technicians including specifying the skills of the workforce to enter into the modern automotive manufacturing industry Provide equipment parts support where appropriate and or sold to the metropolis at a cheap price in the metropolitan area.

We will collect information, study, research, design, create equipment prototypes, and modify agricultural machinery. Develop a curriculum or subject according to the wishes of the VEC and the manufacturing industry as well as find sources of capital to support the project. The city will wait for your feedback to correct and improve many processes of this tripartite. There will be a close collaboration and success is evaluated along the way periodically. It is expected to take all year and finally What Thailand will get is an automotive prototype Thai craftsmanship in the industrial sector can be further developed for the production of vehicles out for sale next in the education sector, schools or vocational colleges across the country almost400 places that offer courses in automotive technology will have a course or course, as well as modern electric vehicle teaching materials to produce highly skilled technicians to the next job market President of the Mahanakorn University of Technology.