‘Human Library’ Human library, a good project in the fence MUT

DATE 28th Febuary 2022
TIME 08:00

Activities are organised by the library administration. For pupils to learn, there is a project called Human Library. Through narrative, learn about the lives, viewpoints, and attitudes of important individuals and graduates who have worked in business and industry. Also, there will be a variety of events, including talks on how to make fragrant candles, live music performed by members of the music club, board games played by engineering alumni and students, and more. When Brother Rum-Mr. Itthipong Tangkusollalit arrived to play board games, he spoke about his time as a Thai Airlines pilot and the opening of the Human book. The first book was written by Ajarn Saranya Ruchireungrong, Counselor to the Office of Public Relations and Academic Service at the local library on Floor 1 of the Mini Colosseum.