Mahanakorn University of Technology Raising a team of volunteers to build artificial salt licks for wild animals at Kaeng Khoi Non-hunting Area

DATE 24th October 2022
TIME 08:00

Department of Student Loan Fund Mahanakorn University of Technology organises the project “Building artificial salt licks for wild animals Kaeng Khoi Non-hunting Area, Cham Phak Phaeo Sub-district, Kaeng Khoi District, Saraburi Province: “Volunteer spirit to enhance quality of life No.12” to cultivate pupils’ awareness and public mind The ideal quality in pupils is their readiness to support society. Develop a sense of accountability to oneself and to society. is a quality Using internal morality to teach kids to make sacrifices Join forces and work together to complete projects that will benefit the general population.

Pertaining to the endeavour to create artificial salt licks for wildlife. Students this time paid attention to volunteers who were working to enhance the quality of living. Engineering and Technology Faculty Faculty of Veterinary Medicine and Faculty of Business Administration Several pupils spoke in unison when they claimed that they felt this time they had learned more outside of the classroom. and pride in oneself for carrying out deeds like these. In order to create artificial salt licks, we first dig the ground up into a pond or a basin. Cover the soil and water, then sprinkle salt over the mixture. The salt will dissolve and turn the soil salty when it rains or when there is dew. These soils will attract wild creatures to devour them.