Mahanakorn University of Technology Hemp research into the processing industry

DATE 28th Febuary 2022
TIME 08:00

Ministry of Industry assures Mahanakorn University of Technology Research and development of animal feed products from hemp for the processing industry Ministry of Industry Foresaw the potential of using hemp plants to create new economic crops in Thailand. Therefore, the Office of Industrial Economics (OIE) together with network agencies under the Ministry of Industry, namely the Food Institute, the Institute for Small and Medium Enterprise Development and the Textile Industry Development Institute Prepare a project to support Hemp processing industry to meet the bioeconomy (Bioeconomy) in fiscal year 2021 by promoting and supporting processing technology Manufacturing processes and innovations to bring all parts of the hemp plant, including seeds, inflorescences, leaves, bark, cores, stems to research and process. As for animal feed products, the Ministry of Industry foresees the benefits of the substance. CBD contained in hemp plants, therefore developed a broiler feed formula2 The formula is a formula that contains a mixture of by-products from hemp. (Dried hemp leaves and stems) and formulas containing substances. CBD To be used as feed for broiler chickens raised in a closed system house. and study the efficacy of the substance CBD effect on the growth of the experimental broilers. in cooperation with the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine Mahanakorn University of Technology research.

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Jatuporn Krasaisri, Dean of the Faculty of Veterinary Science Mahanakorn University of Technology provides information about the benefits of substances. CBD in hemp plants that if mixed with food It has properties that help in building immunity, appetite, creating white blood cells, etc. And if used in animal feed, it will be properties in helping animals have immunity against disease, stress relief, and a good appetite. The research team has to continue studying the dosage of the substance that is suitable for animals. Initially, this research may start from chickens and pigs. If the exact production formula is obtained, they can apply for industrial production permits. The industry gave an experiment on the use of hemp as an animal feed ingredient. Therefore, it has been piloted from chicken feed. Because the chicken takes only 45. The latest experimental result found that the use of hemp leaves and stems as ingredients in chicken feed Reduce the cost for chicken farmers Because it stimulates the appetite of the chickens. Including stimulating the immune system of stronger chickens shortening the feeding time from 45 days left 30-35 days, saving the cost of raising chicken feed accounted for more than60-70% of the total cost, so if the use of hemp has been officially unlocked the university Will continue to train and educate community enterprises in various areas, as well as extending other types of animal feed such as pork feed.