Master's Degree
Infrastructure Engineering and Construction Management

Infrastructure Engineering and Construction Management

Committed to developing a master’s degree in Infrastructure Engineering and Construction Management through a superior teaching and learning approach that will provide students with knowledge and professional competence. Professionalism, morality, ethics, and social responsibility He also has a good potential for applying theoretical knowledge. Independently study, research, and seek out new information. putting into action Social Entrepreneurship Create research that is acknowledged both domestically and internationally.

Key develop expertise in

  • Fundamental and Components of Railway System 

  • Principle of Infrastructure and Transportation

  • Environmental Management for Civil Engineering 

  • Water Resources Management 

  • Ground Quality Improvement Techniques 

  • Construction Technique and Geotechnical Engineering

  • Construction Contract Management 

  • Quantitative Analysis 

Career Opportunities

  • Academics, university professors researcher

  • Assessor and inspector in energy work (For students
    with a license to practice the controlled engineering profession)

  • Energy Consultant

  • Person responsible for energy
  • Energy business operators and energy managers
  • Freelance

Master of Engineering (M.Eng) Electrical Engineering
38 Credits
2 Years

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