Doctor of Business Administration

Doctor of Business Administration (Management)

The Doctor of Business Administration(DBA) program at Mahanakorn University of Technology (MUT) is a professional doctorate degree that can be attained through advanced study, comprehensive examinations, project work and profound research in business administration. The DBA is the highest degree in business
administration. It also represents the highest academic qualification in business administration. Getting a
Doctor of Business Administration degree at MUT doesn’t limit you to just one career path. A DBA degree is
versatile, with hands-on training in a variety of areas related to running a business that can help you tap new
career opportunities. MUT’s Doctor of Business Administration programs have 2 purposes: contribute to business theory and further develop the professional practice in different lucrative jobs. MUT requires
candidates to have significant experience in business, particularly in roles with leadership or managerial
positions with strategic responsibilities.

There are some key principles that we teach our students that make us different from other universities. It is how to build more relationships with people who are not in the same industry or field of work and make
professional connections. To build a global network since we have our partnership with different universities from different countries. How to capitalize on people’s strengths. How to encourage business disagreements and healthy conflict. To know where to focus on when solving a problem. To
make decisions independently and think like a real business leader.

Career Opportunities

  • C-suite – CEO, COO, CIO
  • Consultant
  • Economist
  • Logistician
  • Professor
  • Entrepreneur
  • Director of Human Resources
  • Government Employee
  • Information Systems Manager
  • Business Analyst/ consultant
Doctor of Business Administration (D.B.A) Management
48 Credits
3 Years

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