Process Engineering

Process Engineering

At present, there are a lot of industrial factories in Thailand which still continues to increase every year. Each factory then also produces different products, being from cosmetics, tires, equipment parts up to ready-to-eat products. Therefore, the production process, materials, chemicals and substances involved all differs from one to another. With this in mind, the ability to balance all these and not cause harm to the consumers and the environment is crucial.

MUT’s Process and Industrial Engineering Program has been developed from Chemical and Industrial Engineering which integrates knowledge of the production processes, management and automation. Robotics Technology which includes knowledge of process simulation has proved to be essential for modern industry as the manufacturing sector is huge and will continue to grow rapidly. The program is also certified by Council of Engineers of Thailand.

Interesting Subjects

  • Process Engineering Principles and Calculations
  • Process Heat Transfer
  • Process Mass Transfer
  • Manufacturing Technology
  • Safety Engineering
  • AI and Data Science
  • Mechatronics and Automation Engineering Laboratory

Career Opportunities

  • Plantation Design Engineer
  • Product Engineer
  • Chemical Engineer
  • Quality Control Engineer
  • Maintenance Engineer
  • Process Control Engineer
  • Research and Development Engineer
  • Government Sector/ Private Sector
Bachelor of Engineering (B.Eng.)
Communication and Electronics Engineering
139 Credits
4 Years

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International Students

1st Semester
English in the Digital World
Physical Mathematics
General Statics
Innovation and Creativity
Preliminary Project Design
2nd Semester
Basic Tool Skills Practice
Calculus for Mechanics and Electromagnetism
Fundamental Engineering Drafting
Engineering Materials
Python Computer Programming
Engineering Mechanics
1st Semester
English for STEM Education
Fundamental Electrical Engineering
Statistics for Problem Solving
Manufacturing Technology
Industrial Work Study and Analysis
Thermodynamics and Fluid Mechanics for Engineering
2nd Semester
English for Engineering and Technology
Engineering Innovation
CAD/CAM For Engineering Design
Production Planning and Control
Engineering Management and Entrepreneurship
Engineering Economics
Critical Project Design
1st Semester
Operations Research and Applications
Quality Control and Assurance
AI and Data Science
Process Engineering Laboratory
Mechatronics and Automation Engineering Laboratory
Process Engineering Principles and Calculations
Process Heat Transfer
2nd Semester
Business English for the Workplace
Safety Engineering
Process Control Engineering
Mechatronics and Automation Engineering Laboratory
Kietics and Reactor Design
Electives Subject
3rd Semester
Industrial Training
1st Semester
Fundamentals in Environmental Engineering
Process Mass Transfer
Process Engineering Project I
Process Engineering Design I
Electives Subject
Electives Free
2nd Semester
Pilot Plant Study
Process Engineering Design II
Process Engineering Project II
Social Skills Development for Careers
Electives Subject
Electives Free
Food Manufacturing
Fermentation Process
Renewable Energy Conservation and Management
Special Topics in Process Engineering
Transport Phenomena for Process Engineering
Process Engineering Thermodynamics

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