Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical engineering is an essential professional field for the development of a country and is involved in nearly all operations in a lot of industries. Mechanical engineering is not only about machinery. Under MUT, students study the fundamental principles of thermodynamics, energy and properties of pure substances such as gases, liquids and solids. Mechanical engineering is still in demand in the industrial operations in every country. This course will be most suitable for those who favor the mechanical systems, robotics, machinery, engine systems. 

Interesting Subjects

  • Mechanics of Machinery
  • Mechanical Vibration 
  • Machine Parts Design 
  • Computer-Aided Mechanical Engineering 
  • Fluid Machinery 
  • Design of Piping Systems 
  • Power Plant Engineering 
  • Refrigeration and Air-Conditioning 
  • Thermal System Design 
  • Robotic Control System and Artificial Intelligent

Career Opportunities

  • Mechanical Engineer
  • Automotive Engineer
  • Process Engineer
  • Product Design Engineer
  • Quality Control Engineer
  • Academic Researcher
  • Engineer in the government / private sectors
  • Teacher related to the degree
  • Personal Business in the related field
Bachelor of Engineering (B.Eng.)
Mechanical Engineering
120 Credits
4 Years

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International Students

1st Semester
English in the Digital World
Physical Mathematics
General Statics
Innovation and Creativity
Preliminary Project Design
2nd Semester
Calculus for Mechanics and Electromagnetism
Engineering Mechanics
Fundamental Engineering Drafting
Basic Tool Skills Practice
Engineering Materials
Python Computer Programming
Critical Project Design
1st Semester
Statistics for Problem Solving
Essential Engineering Mathematics
Engineering Dynamics
Fundamental Electrical Engineering
Free Elective
2nd Semester
Engineering Innovation
Critical Project Design
Manufacturing Technology, Health, Safety and Environment
Fluid Mechanics
Mechanics of Materials
Mechanics of Machinery
Free Elective
1st Semester
English for STEM Education
Numerical Methods for Mechanical Engineering
Machine Parts Design
Mechanical Vibration
Heat Transfer
Fluid Machinery
2nd Semester
English for Engineering and Technology
Power Plant Engineering
Mechanical Engineering Laboratory
Mechatronics and Control systems
Computer Aided Mechanical Design
Refrigeration and Air-Conditioning
3rd Semester
Industrial Internship
Psychology for Living and Work
Business English for the Workplace
Robotic Control System and Artificial Intelligent
Computer-Aided Mechanical Engineering
Design of Piping Systems
Mechanical Engineering Project I
Elective subjects in Mechanical Engineering
1st Semester
Social Skills Development for Careers
Entrepreneurship for Engineers
Thermal System Design
Mechanical Engineering Project II
Elective subjects in Mechanical Engineering
Measurement and Instrumentations
Engineering Optimization
Applied Mechanics of Materials
Introduction to Finite Element Analysis
Design of Parts and Injection Molds
Gas Turbine
Internal Combustion Engine
Solid Fuels and Biomass Combustion
Design of Heat Exchangers

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