Management and Digital Entrepreneur

Management and Digital Entrepreneur

This course aims to empower new generation entrepreneurs to build their own businesses with the help of technology for systematic resource management. To be able to manage personal and organizational task together effectively and efficiently through entrepreneurship practice. The ability to learn and create a start-up or SME business that responds to the constant changes in the industry in this era and also the future, is placed at heart through the development of this course.       

Developing new management skills required to run a business in the fluctuate market such as the one today has deemed crucial especially for modern managers. But at the same time, the need to understand, adapt and apply core principles to the current situation will lead to a better decision process as the individual will have knowledge to back up their decision. 

Furthermore, running a modern business includes effective systematic planning at both personal and corporate level, whether it is local or international. The knowledge and expertise in engineering and technology of Mahanakorn University of Technology has been applied throughout the course. New generation managers will gain technological knowledge to manage their businesses. 

Interesting Subjects

  • Application for Entrepreneur in the Digital Age
  • Digital Business Management
  • Entrepreneurship and Innovation

Career Opportunities

  • Online Business Owner
  • Business Developer
  • Digital Business Manager
  • Analyst and Business Planning
  • Project Manager
  • Entrepreneur 
  • Management Consultant
  • Human Resource Management
Bachelor of
Business Administration (B.B.A)
120 Credits
4 Years

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International Students

1st Semester
Innovation, Disruptive Technology and Business Application
Production and Modern Manufacturing Technology
Principles of Marketing in Digital Age
General Psychology
STEM Education
2nd Semester
Principles of Accounting
Digital Data Management and Business Intelligence
Principles of Management in Digital Age
Market Survey and New Product Idea Generation
Engineering English in The Digital World
STEM Applications for Business Management
1st Semester
Product Idea and Prototype Testing Workshop
Business and Information Technology Laws
Business Project Feasibility Study
Business Economics
Business Finance in Digital Age
Compulsory Subject of Major
2nd Semester
Managerial Accounting
Feasibility Study of Business Project Workshop
Data Analytic for Business Decision Making
English for Business and Entrepreneurship
Compulsory Subject of Major
Compulsory Subject of Major
1st Semester
Business Plan and Market Test Workshop
Strategic Management
Compulsory Subject of Major
Compulsory Subject of Major
Compulsory Subject of Major
2nd Semester
English for Business Communication
Action Plan and Implementation Workshop
Compulsory Subject of Major
Compulsory Subject of Major
Compulsory Subject of Major
Elective Subject of Major
Elective Subject of Major
3rd Semester
1st Semester
Business Performance Measurement Workshop
Compulsory Subject of Major
Compulsory Subject of Major
Elective Subject of Major
2nd Semester
Business English for The Workplace
Social Skills Development for Careers
Business Project
Elective Subject of Major
Free Elective
Free Elective
Applications for Entrepreneur in Digital Age
Human Resources Management in Digital Age
Organizational Theory and Behavior
Leadership in Digital Age
International Business Management
Supply Chain and Logistics Management
Business Project
Entrepreneurship Management in Digital Age
Entrepreneurship and Innovation
Research for Business Management
Digital Business Management
Family Business Management
Business Presentation and Persuasion
Purchasing Management
New Product Development
Labor Relations
Training and Development
Writing a Business Plan
Service Business Entrepreneur in Digital Age

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