Communication and Electronics Engineering

Communication and Electronics Engineering

Nowadays, communication and electronics can be considered as the medium to drive industrial systems both domestically and internationally. It’s not just in the industry where communication is important. Even in everyday life, communication is just as important. Wireless communication is increasingly common nowadays. Especially communication via telephone and the internet which often involves transmission lines as a forwarding signal for the most efficient communication, making it faster and more efficient. Which all involves the work from engineers from this field. 

Therefore; the development of MUT’s department of Communications and Electronics Engineering focuses on developing personnel with electrical engineering abilities and knowledge from the fundamentals of engineering, design, construction and application combined with the use of information and communication technology whilst being aware of safety measures, ethics and the code of conduct. Plus, being able to do research in communications engineering and electronics. 

Interesting Subjects

  • Wireless Communications and Applications  
  • Photonics Systems and Applications  
  • Next Generation Telecommunication and Security  
  • Antenna Technologies   
  • Mobile and Cellular Communication 
  • Circuits Design  
  • RF and Microwave Circuits Design  
  • Electrical and Product Design  
  • IPC and quality standard

Career Opportunities

  • Telecommunication Engineer
  • Electronic Engineer
  • Service and Installation Engineer
  • Researcher on the field related
  • Work in the government / private sectors
  • Teacher in the field related
  • Owner of Business in the field related
Bachelor of Engineering (B.Eng.)
Communication and Electronics Engineering
120 Credits
4 Years

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International Students

1st Semester
English in the Digital World
General Statics
Physical Mathematics
Preliminary Project Design
Innovation and Creativity
2nd Semester
Calculus for Mechanics and Electromagnetism
Fundamental Engineering Drafting
Basic Tool Skills Practice
Engineering Mechanics
Engineering Materials
Python Computer Programming
1st Semester
Signals, Circuits and Systems
Fundamental Electrical Engineering
Engineering Laboratory
Electromagnetics Applications and Communications
Basic Digital and Embedded System Design
Statistics for Problem Solving
2nd Semester
Electrical Engineering Laboratory
Electrical Instruments and Measurements
Communication Signals in Modern Systems
Electronic Devices and Circuits
Electrical Machines
Basic Mechanical Engineering
Engineering Innovation
Critical Project Design
1st Semster
English for STEM Education
Automatic Control Systems
Industrial Sensors and Systems
Electrical Machines Application
Power Electronics
AI and Data Science
2nd Semester
English for Engineering and Technology
PLC/SCADA for Automatic Control Systems
Data Communication and Network
Electrical Schematics and Safety Standards
Electives Subject
3rd Semester
Industrial Internship
1st Semester
Electrical Engineering Project I
Business English for the Workplace
Electives Subject
Electives Subject
2nd Semester
Electrical Engineering Project II
Social Skills Development for Careers
Electives Subject
Electives Free
Wireless Communications and Applications
Photonics Systems and Applications
Next Generation Telecommunication and Security
RF and Microwave Circuits Design
Mobile and Cellular Communication
Antenna Technologies
Electrical Product Design
Special Topics in Telecommunication Engineering
Digital Signal Processing
Embedded Electronic Systems
Mobile Robotics Engineering
Special Topics in Electronics Engineering

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